Indian. Welcome to my never customized multifandom home. Various other stuff goes on here beside fandoms. I'm hopeless, awkward and desperate for love. Could it BE any better?

Friends, Doctor who, Sherlock, Supernaturals, GoT, Merlin, Hannibal, LOTR, Avatar; TLA, HouseMD, X files, Marvel, DC
and little bit of everything

my canines are sharper than any brain
i love clicking insects
straight and not taken

twitter is comfy_chairs




u can run

u can hide

but u can’t change the fact that scooby doo’s real name is scoobert doo


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bookaddict0925 asked
What is your view on tree houses?


I want one.

I knooooow!

smartass-fallen-angel asked
I don't care if you're not Misha, you're still fucking awesome


You’re fucking awesome as well.

princejensen asked
jared or jensen? dean or sam? destiel or megstiel?


Jensen. Dean. Destiel.

coldspaghettipie asked
How full is your askbox?


Just over 1,500 messages. I’m working on it. 

Oh, wow.

diceandpokerchips asked
I've been having a rough couple of days. Could you tell me something happy, or something kind that's ever happened to you?


I’m sorry things are difficult right now. 

One year when I was flying home for winter break, I ended up snowed in overnight at an airport with hundreds of other people. The security staff turned on the baggage carousel so that people could ride around on it. It was even more fun than it looks.  

In Biloxi, Mississippi, where I spent a few summers after Hurricane Katrina, there was an elderly couple who had lost almost everything but were happy as could be. They set up a salvaged projector and held movie nights on the side of their FEMA trailer once a week for any volunteers who wanted to come. It turned into a sort of neighborhood potluck and was what most of us looked forward to all week.

Honestly I could go on forever about the kindnesses people have shown me. I hope people are kind to you every day, and that your troubles ease soon.


do you ever like a celebrity so much you actually get jealous when other people say they like them

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driving is so dangerous ur literally controlling a giant metal contraption with a circle and some foot buttons

boss-ass-idjit asked
Soooo... You're not Misha Collins....but, a lot of signs indicate that you are, in fact, actually Misha Collins..... So are you really not Misha Collins or Are you Misha saying that he is not Misha


My legal team has advised me not to answer this question, and just between the two of us I’m not sure what the answer would be anyway.